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Parent Group Leader

“When you came along as our parent group leader things reached a new dimension of understanding for me – it’s difficult for me to go back the way things used to be.  You really are very good at what you do, Debbie”

“I’m loving the parent group.  You are a wonderful facilitator.  I especially like the fact that you keep us on track and you stop us from going on too long or going off on tangents.  This is important to a group our size.  The topics have all been relevant to me, I always leave having learned something new.”

“The material you teach us about parenting, families and all relationships is revolutionary.  It is a totally new way of looking at dynamics and is truly eye opening.  It has changed my way of thinking and behaving and improved all my relationships.  Thank you”


Workshops and Seminars

“ I just wanted to thank you for the incredible workshop and the especially tailored advice you gave me- you truly went above and beyond” I recommend the workshop, NO MORE LOSING IT highly.”

“Excellent Presentation of PARENTING WITH PRINCIPLES – Learned great ideas to enhance all relationships – found Debbie to be very professional. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone in a relationship – not just parents!”

“I wanted to thank you for your excellent workshops, ENCOUNTERS OF A CLOSER KIND and ENCOUNTERS. I cannot tell you how much your advice helped me in understanding both my relationship with my husband and with my in-laws. By understanding the family theory that you taught us in simple terms, I was able to turn around things in both relationships rather quickly.  I see relationships and my part in them with new and much clearer lenses.  Thank you!”


The Calm Parent Program

LOVELY ADVICE – “After struggling with my child and his anger issues and quick temper I have seen the light which this wonderful program offers.  I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who has anyone with difficult issues.  Staying separate from others and focusing on one’s self is the key to solving any problem anywhere.  We can only change ourselves and THAT is so very hard in itself, but with it comes true and lasting peace.”

VERY HELPFUL – “This program has a ton of great information that really helps parents understand our role in continuing the dance of arguments we are constantly engaging with our kiddos.  Awareness is a huge step!”

CALMER IN OUR HOUSE – "The CALM PARENT AM& PM is very calming to listen to for starters.  Debbie Pincus has just the right voice and tone for easy listening.  She just knows her stuff and is able to give so many examples of real life situations.  I felt so often that she actually knew my 16 year old.  All the tapes are helpful.  Since I commute to work I keep all the tapes in my car and listen to them often.  On my way home from work I listen to the PM tape and feel, now I can handle any situation that arises.  I can stay calm.  Calm is contagious and I am actually finding my daughter is raising her voice less. The advice is extremely valuable."

AHHHH – "This is a great program and eye opening, Easy to follow.  I have listened to it many times and learn something new each time.  Excellent source for any parent who is looking for a calm approach to parenting."



“Having you as my therapist has helped me have the strength to change myself – I would have continued to sacrifice myself for my husband and children. Now my husband and I are effectively working through our difficulties and my kids are thriving.  I continue to grow and achieve my goals.  I wish I'd met you 20 years ago!”

“I cannot tell you how much positive change has taken place in me and in my family since starting therapy with you. I have had many therapists over the years and I have to say this is the first time my life has significantly changed.  I attribute it to the effective way you work as a therapist and all that I have come to understand.  My eyes became wide open.  Thank you.”

“You are a gifted therapist.  By defining yourself at all times, you helped me to define myself. You helped me to grow by allowing me to struggle.  You helped me to grow up by standing by me but not coddling me.  I am very grateful for having had you as my therapist.”