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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching will help you to instill traits that are important to your child’s well-being and will help you to strengthen and maintain that special parent-child connection that helps kids thrive throughout their lives. I will help you calm your emotional reactions down and focus more on your behavior than on your child’s behavior. I will help you to parent from your parenting principles rather than from worry and  anxiety. I will help you answer many of the common parenting questions like "How involved should I get in their homework?", "What should I do if they won’t get out of bed in the morning or do their chores ?", "What should I do if they are defiant and rude?". 

Here are some common reasons to seek parent coaching or join a parent group:

  • You are often frustrated and angry with your child.
  • Your child is rebellious and refuses to listen to you.
  • You find yourself overfunctioning for your child.
  • Your child seems to lack motivation.
  • You and your child are in continuous battles or are distant from one another.
  • You and your mate are often fighting about the kids or overfocused on them.

Parent groups:

  • You want to learn what goes on in other people’s family and learn how they deal with struggles.
  • You want a place to share parenting ideas and struggles.